The Button

No one enjoys sitting on hold listening to Kenny-G’s Greatest Hits for half an hour, only to be redirected to a call center. With Concierge, our members can request any service at the touch of a button and, with the speed of an electron traveling over an interconnected electronic network, (or internet, if you will) Concierge will get you the right vendor, right now, at the right price. No more Kenny-G. (You’re welcome!)

The Vendors

A plumber is a plumber, right? Negative there, star commander. We have painstakingly combed through hundreds of local home improvement, home maintenance and personal service vendors to find the best of the best. Every member gets quick service turnaround from a top-quality vendor, every time. No more guessing if your vendor is A-rated. We crunch the numbers for you and only recommend the top-rated local professional for your job.

The Service

Concierge gives you peace-of-mind knowing the job is done well, quickly, and with extraordinary customer service. Our vendors know that quality and service take precedence. Your satisfaction is our priority. All day, every day. Concierge isn’t a cookie-cutter referral service or list of reviews like some services we know. We take referrals to the next level by pre-vetting our vendors, and selecting only the proven best to work with our members.

The Guarantee

We stand behind our certified vendors, and stand up for our members as their trusted advocate. Do you remember when Dad and Uncle Joe would spit in the palm of their hands and shake on a deal? It meant their word was their bond. We bring that commitment back with this promise: If you're ever unsatisfied, we'll go to bat for you. (Now wipe off your hand before you eat. My throat's been kinda scratchy lately.)

Sounds cool, huh? We thought so too.