What does it cost to become a Vendor?

Villages Concierge requires no up-front cost to become a Vendor. Enrollment in the system and the Mobile App are absolutely free. No paying for questionable leads, or to get on some passive list with all your competitors. We simply collect a small referral fee, (between five and ten percent), only when you’ve been paid! Apply now using our convenient online application form.

What are the Vendor qualifications?

Villages Concierge uses only top-quality, trustworthy, local professionals to serve our members. All Vendors are subject to online review, criminal background-check, and must carry any requisite licensing and insurance.

How do I become a Concierge Certified Vendor?

Simply fill out the online application form. Once approved, we will give you access to your Online Vendor Dashboard and the free Villages Concierge Mobile App, so you can start receiving service requests right away. The mobile app also functions as a barcode scanner for scanning in and out when arriving and departing the Member’s home.

What kind of Vendors will you have in the system as you build it? Do you have any now?

We have enrolled many local service professionals, from arborists to zen yoga instructors and everything in between, and are enrolling more every day. Many of the vendors we use are the most respected names in their professions (Mike Scott Plumbing, T&D Pool Service, Tri-County Landscaping, and the like.

What percentage of what you charge us for a service goes to the vendors? For example, at the current time our yard services averages about $120 per month. If I had found them through Concierge would it be a $140 per month cost to us?

The vendors are required to charge their standard fees, with absolutely no markup for serving our members. We get a small piece on the back-end, similar to what an independent sales rep would receive for referring business. If one of our vendors normally charges $120/mo for lawn maintenance service for your particular yard, they would still charge only $120. Because we potentially represent a large customer base with hundreds of leads, they are very eager to please you, and are willing to negotiate paying us a small commission.

How do you vet the vendors, what are the requirements to be a Concierge Vendor?

The overarching requirement to become a Concierge Vendor is to have a reputation for quality work and extraordinary customer service. We don’t even consider them if we haven’t already heard good things. We then require vendors to verify all pertinent licensing, insurance, bonding, corporate filings and other requisite legal documentation. We also research the companies’ names and reputations online, looking specifically for bad reviews, legal actions or anything indicating poor service or quality in the past. We, in essence, are curators of great companies. But to be clear, we represent our Members and are committed to their satisfaction, not the vendors’. We are your advocate, in arranging your services for you, so you don’t have to.

Is the monthly fee of $9.99 the only charge for the use of the service? Are there any device purchases or rentals?

The $9.99/mo covers everything, regardless of which device you prefer to use when summoning service (the button, mobile app, web application and personal online dashboard, or telephone—all of these devices, apps,  equipment, websites, etc., are all part of the service. It is a month-to-month deal. No contract or long-term obligation. Paying members are charged $9.99/mo, billed quarterly.

Is there an agreement to sign that says we will not use the vendor on our own, we can only go through Concierge? If we come to an agreement with the landscaper and he does the work and we decide to keep him on for lawn maintenance and we decide to cancel our Concierge membership to I have to fire the landscaper?

We feel customers will come to rely on the convenience and care we provide. But If we find that a vendor is circumventing the system, regardless of whether you are no longer a Concierge Member, the vendor could be subject to dismissal. They would lose access to the potentially hundreds of accounts and customers we represent. This clause is in the agreement Vendors agree to when enrolling.

Who negotiates the rates if you find me a landscaper? Do we get to interview more than one landscaper?

Either you like the quality, price and service of the landscaper we provide, or you don’t have to use them. You are free to start researching and interviewing your own vendor outside of the system.  If you prefer to locate, interview, vet and manage your own landscapers, plumbers, painters and what have you, so that you can shop quotes looking to save a couple dollars, you may find one of the passive lists of reviews may better suit you. We are committed to offering service, quality, convenience and value. We do not offer low price guarantees, or allow vendors to buy their way into our system.