Our highest priority is keeping our Members (residents of The Villages) happy. We work with the best-of-the-best in Home Services, forwarding inbound service requests from our members to the most qualified, trustworthy professionals in the area, ensuring our members get the best value possible. Our high-tech algorithms factor in reputation, timeliness, and other quality metrics.

Essentially, the better you perform, the more work you get.

  • Job Request

    Upon receiving a job request, an Accept/Decline message is sent to the vendor. You will have up to 2 hours to respond before the job is rolled over to the next vendor in line. If you decline the job for any reason, the job will immediately roll over to the next vendor in your category.

  • Scan in/out of jobs

    The Concierge Vendor App has a built in scanning feature for logging in and out of jobs. The tech simply scans the customer’s code and the app does the rest. Each job keeps a detailed log of arrivals and departures, along with any pertinent notes the tech submits.

  • Track Activity

    Our mobile app allows you to track jobs and work activities right on your mobile device. Keep track of pending requests, active work orders, arrivals to, and departures from, the Member's residence, invoices, payments and much more.

  • Vendor Payments

    You can send invoices directly from the Concierge app, ensuring quick and effortless payments every time! View invoicing and payment history, revenue generated, and more, so you can see financials at a glance.

Vendor App

Our free vendor app was created from the ground up to improve the efficiency of providing home services. The app costs nothing to download and use, yet provides many powerful benefits. Once you are enrolled, simply sign into the app to automatically begin receiving incoming requests from our Members.


There are no up front costs to becoming a Concierge Vendor, so enroll right away.

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What does it cost to become a Vendor?

Villages Concierge requires no up-front cost to become a Vendor. Enrollment in the system and the Mobile App are absolutely free. No paying for questionable leads, or to get on some passive list with all your competitors. We simply collect a small referral fee, (between five and ten percent), only when you’ve been paid! Apply now using our convenient online application form.

What are the Vendor qualifications?

Villages Concierge uses only top-quality, trustworthy, local professionals to serve our members. All Vendors are subject to online review, criminal background-check, and must carry any requisite licensing and insurance.

How do I become a Concierge Certified Vendor?

Simply fill out the online application form. Once approved, we will give you access to your Online Vendor Dashboard and the free Villages Concierge Mobile App, so you can start receiving service requests right away. The mobile app also functions as a barcode scanner for scanning in and out when arriving and departing the Member’s home.